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მთავარი » 2010 » ნოემბერი » 30 » Graphics Designer Collection (2010/ENG)
Graphics Designer Collection (2010/ENG)
Graphics Designer Collection (2010/ENG)

Свежая сборка плагинов, дизайнерских элементов, стилей, кистей, шрифтов, руководств по изпользованию всего этого добра для Adobe Photoshop любой версии

Версия: сборка 2010
Язык интерфейса: Eng
Тип файла: iso/rar (+3%)
Лекарство ( noCD | noDVD | crack ): в комплекте (кейген, серийники)
Размер: 4.5 GB

Системные требования:
Windows® 7/Vista/XP
Adobe Photoshop любой версии (желательно не ниже CS3)


Ever wish you had Photoshop skills? Well.. i do. How did i learn? I did tons and tons of 'Signature Tutorials'. I kept doing them. Not many people are aware of the sophistication those little 'Sigs'
require and take to make. They are jam-packed with unknown, useful, exotic techniques, tips, and a well oiled work flow.

What's great about these tutorials is they are picture illustrated. Authors take the time to show you step-by-step with 'Before' and 'After' screenshots. These are great for beginners or enthusiasts who are looking to sharpen their skills.

>> 22 'Sig' Tutorials
[+] Abstract Smoking Girl Tutorial
[+] Ballers Tutorial
[+] Bruce to the Lee Tutorial
[+] Chaos Tutorial
[+] Clipping Masks Tutorial
[+] CobraGFX (Afro Samurai) Tutorial
[+] CobraGFX Tutorial
[+] Creating Depth in your Signatures Tutorial
[+] DrifterGria Tutorial
[+] Gryphon Tutorial
[+] Jeza87 Tutorial
[+] Keopard Tutorial
[+] MPCoyote Tutorial
[+] Reflections Tutorial
[+] RudeBoySes Tutorial
[+] Samma Tutorial
[+] Senthrax Tutorial
[+] SoSik Tutorial
[+] VNT87 Tutorial
[+] WarpZone116 Tutorial
[+] xBeatx Tutorial
[+] XiceGfx Tutorial
>> 10 UFC PSD Source (great to see how sigs are made)
[+] Alistair 'Demolition Man' Overeem
[+] Anderson 'The Spider' Silva
[+] Brock 'The Viking' Lesnar
[+] Cain 'Brown Pride' Velasquez
[+] Chris 'Lights Out' Lytle
[+] Fedor 'The Last Emperor' Emelianenko
[+] Georges 'Rush' St-Pierre
[+] Lyoto 'The Dragon' Machida
[+] Mauricio 'Shogun' Rua
[+] Michael 'The Count' Bisping
NOTE: These are handpicked tutorials that i find most useful, and show the most information with screenshot illustrations.

This is the ultimate designer's pack, which consist of over 10,000 fonts. I highly recommend you use Suitcase Fusion 3 a Font Manager.
NOTE: No duplicates ! These are fonts i personally use and handpicked. Unlike other packs out there, each pack/font included are useful and elegant.

>> Finesse Fonts [2000 FONTS][VARiETY MiX]
>> GoMedia Arsenal: The Ultimate Font Collection [NOT FULL][- 4]
>> Gotham Family [FULL]
>> M$ Branding Typeface [FULL]
>> Professional Fonts [500 FULL FONT FAMILY]
>> TemplateCentral [FULL]
>> UFC Branding Typeface [NOT OFFiCiAL][NOT FULL]
>> Ultimate Font Download [+10000 FONTS][FULL]
[+] Includes a viewable catalog of all included fonts
[+] Also includes a Font Viewer/Manager

3. SUiTCASE FUSiON 3 (Font Manager):
You never want to install fonts directly onto your system. It will affect Photoshop, Illustrator, and the overall performance of your computer. This is why i use Suitcase among many other reasons !

Quick Highlights:
- Easy to install fonts: just locate the directory and Suitcase will search each folder/file, nstall fonts, while ignoring non-font files.
- Font Doctor: this will help repair corrupted fonts
- Preview: you can see what the fonts look like.
- Auto-Activation: Suitcase will automatically activate fonts that are needed by your system.
- Performance: this will greatly avoid performance problems for your
- Online Font Store: you can buy/rent fonts from the online store.
NOTE: I include activation instructions and the tools required.

I handpicked a variety of design material/elements that i think is vital to get started and enough to last. It's a mixture of the best elements. These are items i personally use and find useful.

>> C4D Pack
[+] Abstract C4D
[+] Anime C4D
[+] Fractals C4D
[+] Vehicles C4D
>> Talk-Mania: Photoshop Designer's Pack
[+] Over 4000 Hi-Res Brushes
[+] Over 1200 Web 2.0 Gradients
[+] Over 1500 Web 2.0 Styles
[+] 125 Color Tables
>> Styles [117 MiB]
[+] 45 Individual Sets
>> GoMedia Arsenal: Vector Collection
[+] Sets 1 thru 18
>> GoMedia Arsenal: Textures
[+] Dust & Particles Texture Pack
[+] Watercolor Texture Pack Set 1
>> iStock Vector Pack
[+] 20 Full Designs
NOTE: No duplicates! Unlike other people who do this to increase the size of their pack. It's a pet-peeve of mine. I have downloaded 2GB Design Packs, and half of it are duplicates that the uploader hides in Sub-Directories and renames them so people don't know. Shame on those people!
The most frequent offender i have come across is: 'GADVAD' ! Stay away from his uploads.. he is a shameless "Collector's Account" whore, constantly trying to rip people off !

Plugins are vital for Graphics Designers. Plugins save designers tons of time. Essentially plugins are shortcuts that do a variety of Effects, Designs, and Enhancements that usually would take hours.
These are also handpicked from my collection that i use frequently. Many people instal plugins just to install them. But too many plugins will cause Photoshop poor performance. I am very selective.

>> Alien Skin Bundle up-to-date as of November 2010
[+] With some AV, CORE's keygens are falsely identified as a Virus.
[+] If you are a noob in the Warez Scene or clueless,
don't bother dowloading.
>> Digital Anarchy Bundle [up-to-date as of November 2010]
>> Digital Film Tools Bundle [up-to-date as of November 2010]
>> Frischluft flAIR Bundle [up-to-date as of November 2010]
>> PhotoWiz Bundle [up-to-date as of November 2010]
>> Curvemeister v3.2.0 Retail
>> Depth of Field Generator PRO v4.0.28
>> Magic Bullet PhotoLooks v1.0
>> PixelGenius PhotoKit Color v2.1.3
>> Power Retouche Retouching Suite v7.6.3 Retail
>> Red Giant Knoll Light Factory v3.1
>> PANTONE® PLUS Digital Libraries for Adobe
NOTE: all with installation/activation instructions and required tools.

Контрольные суммы (образ):
CRC32: 5DA82E28
MD5: E2F681CA0D3BA7B8FA21AD201BA761F0
SHA-1: D196F1B7C419E4D3EAB3C0608EA1A0AEF7B653C6

Graphics Designer Collection (2010/ENG)
Graphics Designer Collection (2010/ENG)
Graphics Designer Collection (2010/ENG)
Graphics Designer Collection (2010/ENG)

Graphics Designer Collection (2010/ENG)

Alien Shooter 2 - Conscription (2010/ENG)
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